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Spectrum Care provides services for children, young people and adults with disabilities, and their families.

Our services include 24-hour support for people living in residential homes throughout the Auckland and Waikato regions, respite care for adults in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and respite care for children in Auckland.

We also offer specialised Home Support, Transition and Aspirations services for people in the greater Auckland region, along with a School Holiday Programme of activities for children.

Our Lives of Choice and Choice in Community Living programmes are specifically focused on supporting people to their lives of choice - lives like any other - in the community.

We also offer a specialised Business Enterprises programme.

Our services are divided into nine key areas:

  1. Adult Services
  2. Advocacy Services
  3. Aspirations Services
  4. Choice in Community Living
  5. Community Cultural Services
  6. Child, Youth and Respite Services (CYR)
  7. Home Support Services
  8. Orakau House – Respite care for infants
  9. Transition Services

How do people access services?

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the 'funder' of disability support services. 

The MoH uses agencies known as the Disability Services Directorate and Disability Support Services to allot this funding to regional Needs Assessment and Service Coordination agencies (or NASCs). 

In Auckland, the regional NASC is called Taikura Trust and, in the Waikato, Disability Support Link (or DSL).

NASCs are the ‘gatekeepers’ for MoH funding and these agencies allot funding to individuals according to a ‘needs assessment’ conducted by the agency.

As the organisation that provides funding, manages payments, refers clients for services and assesses those individuals for service provision, the regional NASC (eg Taikura Trust/DSL) is the point around which the entire disability support mechanism pivots.

The services provided to individuals with disabilities are:

  1. Community Residential Services
  2. Supported Independent Living
  3. Respite Services
  4. Carer Support
  5. Rehabilitation Services

Disability support providers such as Spectrum Care offer some or all of these services, by way of the funding provided by the NASC. 

Some disability support providers offer Regional Intellectual Disability Care and/or Individualised Funding services.

If a parent or guardian decides to manage their loved one’s funding directly, the NASC directs the funding to a provider of Individualised Funding, such as Manawanui In Charge.

Disability support providers such as Spectrum Care cannot, by law, pass funding on to parents and/or guardians. This is the role of Individualised Funding services.

Any issues arising from the provision of funding and/or the services deemed appropriate for an individual with a disability are the domain of the NASC agencies (ie those who assess and allot funding and services).

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